Friday, February 27, 2009


Look forward to the SPRING 2009 LOOKBOOK featuring Asher.
Dropping this weekend.

Thursday, February 26, 2009


THE MOS DEF COLLECTION Designed by Dustin Canalin coming later this month.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Stansbury doesn't like imposters

My style is still fresher than any of those wannabes.

Stansbury is out.


Last night Charles Barkley appeared on TNT after a few weeks off. 
I'm a huge fan of him and his on air persona... So I decided not to release this tee.
But I thought it was funny enough to show. 

Respond to this post if you think we should make it. If I get 50 responses we'll make them especially for you.

From AP

The Associated Press
NEW YORK (AP) — Charles Barkley usually doesn't pull any punches. And that is also true in the way he's handling his latest embarrassment: his arrest for drunken driving.

The Leeds, Ala. native and ex-Auburn basketball standout says he will "never get behind the wheel" when he's drunk and is encouraging other people to do the same.

Barley made the comments on his return to work, work in this case being the NBA telecasts on TNT. He says he "embarrassed everybody" in his life and he is sorry about that. And he says he learned during his situation that he has a lot of friends and that there are a lot of good people in the world.

Another apology just for fun.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


THE INSPIRATION: "I like to do bad things"


Oh Zach Randlolph you like to do hood ride stuff with his friends too.
NBA. This is what you should do:



Since fashion is my business, I've been checking out fashions finest at this years FASHION WEEK in NYC.
One of my favorite designers, Alexander McQueen launched a line for Target. The space was cool, open and flooded with people trying to get their hands on some McQ for 1/8 the cost of his collection. My favorite part was actually the entrance.

The next stop was another one of my favorite designers, Y-3 Collection by Yohji Yamamoto for adidas. The show was one of the coolest things I've seen in a long time. Walls of photographers captured every look. Kanye Huxtable, Lupe, Reggie and Kim Kardashian were blinded as they walked in by photographers. No wonder why they always wear sunglasses. The space was amazing the colorful floor in contrast with predominantly black looks were a good touch.

Nicecollective had a show in LES so I attended that. A really dark and dramatic presentation. It was sick. I was blinded by the main spotlight so I couldn't see everything. What a production though. I couldn't imagine having to put one of those on. It's hard enough getting ready for tradeshows, sales meetings, etc. It's like you work for 3 months preparing for 15 minutes... One day. 

Friday, February 13, 2009



So people may know this already but I used to design 90% of all of the Adidas Remix products.... even the collaborations.
The one collab that I enjoyed working on was the DAMANI, Congratulations Player Shoe. Damani is an up and coming artist out of Inglewood. He's not your typical west coast rapper. You won't hear too much about 6-4 impalas, khaki suits or even smacking people. He's kind of taking on the west coast LL Cool J.
So with his shoe came a limited edition UNDRCRWN T-shirt as well as one of the most inspiring 1 man marketing push I've seen in a minute. He produced a full length CONGRATULATION S PLAYER MIXTAPE, a commercial and a viral media campaign that he is doing now. These shoes are available in limited quantites across the country.

See here for more info on Damani.

I really don't need to explain anything. Download the mixtape and hear it from Damani himself.


Thursday, February 12, 2009


So lately as I'm out just chillin' I've been bumping in to a lot of old friends throughout the industry. Other designers, owners of companies, writers, dj's, artists, etc. etc. But the one person that is also making his rounds as well is one of my childhood favorites. Well maybe not childhood but teen hood. Lil Penny has been wild'n. Must not be messing with Tyra any more. 
Check him out at Santos last friday with the good dude Rich Medina (look for more to come with UNDRCRWN and Rich) and Q-tip. He was also spotted in Harlem buying an Obama Tee. And somehow he mangaged to get into NIKE ID to customize something. Can't wait to see those. Not sure how he got those tickets to the Knicks vs. Kobe. 
I'm sure I'll bump into him soon. 

Monday, February 9, 2009


Today UNDRCRWN will announce our partnership with SRC recording artist, Asher Roth. For his new video for his debut single, I Love College, UNDRCRWN has created a Varsity Sport influenced collection, consisting of a Letterman Jacket, Sweater, Sweatshirt and Tee and will be featured in UNDRCRWN’s Spring 2009 Lookbook launching later this week. UNDRCRWN will also be releasing limited edition t-shirts to support Asher’s debut album, in late spring. Asher and UNDRCRWN both embody a youthful varsity flavor. Asher and UNDRCRWN both embody a youthful varsity flavor. Asher already wears and represents our brand. We both create a product based on creativity, craft and humor.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Stansbury Says Hello

Please join in welcoming me- Stansbury.  Below is the transcript from Stansbury's  very first interview with UNDRCRWN.

Introduce yourself to the readers
My government name is Theodore Stansbury III  but you may know me by Stansbury. Stansbury from Brooklyn NY. Stansbury dropped out of high school to pursue a modeling career but after “the incident,” Stansbury went to Cal Berkeley on a full ride basketball scholarship.

What is “the incident” you are referring to? 

Some people may not know this, but Stansbury was the original Polo Bear. Stansbury was hired way before that amateur you see today. In Stansbury’s second or third photo shoot, Ralph brought me into his office and explained that they were “going in another direction.” Not sure, but word on the street is they wanted a ‘whiter’ bear and that I was too ‘hood.’ And I thought light skinned bears were in style. Stansbury uses that as motivation to this day. Look at Stansbury now. They can all kiss
Stansbury’s ass.

So is there still beef? 
Never that! Stansbury is a professional. Until UNDRCRWN rediscovered Stansbury, Stansbury‘s persona and style could not be matched. Stansbury has to raise the bar with every project he gets involved in.

You have a trademark style. A classic look but with a twist. Where did that come from? Who inspires you? And by the way, why are you talking in third person? Please stop that. 

Please check yourself. Stansbury is his own man. Stansbury’s style inspiration comes from his love for basketball and classic clothing. Being a professional mascot, there is constant pressure to look good. Stansbury has always been into being different , so he always put things together
that are unexpected.

Like an argyle vest that’s made of fleece? 
Yes. Exactly like that. It’s more functional since Stansbury is pretty active,He wants to look good but has to be comfortable. Not too many companies understand how to make truly comfortable pieces. It’s like having a sweatsuit on but you don’t look like you just woke up late for school. UNDRCRWN’S Argyle Vest is truly an innovative piece. It’s like a sweatervest and a basketball jersey had a baby. Shout out to Dustin, UNDRCRWN'S designer. He get’s my style and what I need to be the flyest mascot in the game.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

LeBron vs. Kobe

I often talk and write about my critique of Kobe Bryant. Like UNDRCRWN my opinion has more to do with the lifestyle and culture of basketball and less about on the court. Hey I'm a perfectionist. I'm sure Kobe says the same thing to himself... well maybe not but you get the picture. I guess when you're on top people are most critical.
In any case. After watching both games against NY, there is a lot of buzz going on about who's better. So I'd like to analyze the two looking through my lens. Like I said, they are the 2 best players in the game... period. (sorry dwight, maybe in a few years). Regardless of the triple double by Lebron with 50+ points and the 61 by Kobe, they both put on a show.

1. ON COURT SWAG (I hate this term but you all get it.)
-KOBE hands down. He get's better when people want him to lose. He's a killer and you can really tell he hates to lose. He even yells at his own team.
- LeBron is too cool... and too good. I think he's the best player ever made. He will go down as the best ever once he learns how to yell at his teammates, throw tantrums that look like he wants to kill you, etc. etc. Side note hard to have ultimate swag if Jay-Z call him his "youngin'". Which means Jay is his swagger coach... Maybe after the Blueprint 3 LeBron.
- LeBron with a slight edge. They both say the right things aka cliches and talk like robots. "I just wanted to get the team involved... I really just wanted to go out there and give my best and leave it on the court..." No personality.
I really wish Kobe would just say what he feels. If he's extra obnoxious with it (kind of like pro wrestlers ie. THE ROCK), he would be a must see 24/7.If Lebron did his interview like Ricky Bobby he would be the best. 


I still don't get Kobe's logo. Just like him it makes no sense. I really didn't like the Adidas logo either. He got mad at them and cut his hair. Comedy!
LeBron's logo is too intricate. Not a fan. Means nothing. Too much going on.

Lebron. His 2nd shoes I would put up there as 1 of my favorites of all time. It said everything about him, his marketing plan and Nike. It was also one of the best performing hoop shoes and at the same time looked good on the street.
Kobe is still trying to make people forget about the toaster oven/dustbuster/chevy minivan shoes from adidas.
Atleast Kobe left after 2. He never would have recovered from the 3rd shoe if that ever came out.

LeBron. He is doing a good job in all the commercials he's in. From the new State Farm football commercial to the LeBron's. They are all funny and showcase that he has a personality.
Kobe is a challenge to Nike and it's dope how all his good commercials require some sort of hollywood trickery. From the adidas super dunk commercials to the nike jumping of the car. Both good but are fake. Hmmmm.

- It's a split decision for me. The original KOBE & KOBE tee was funny, Most don't realize that inside the shirt. I wrote a letter to kobe that said " Dear Kobe, They hat you because they ain't you."
But the Lebron shirt that was never made... was the coming to america tee.

Gil where are you at?The NBA needs some personality!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I was never really hip to the chocolate game. I had Hersheys but outside of that didn't get the big deal. Until our marketing consultant brought me to one of her other clients shop in Beverly Hills.
Hasty Torres who own Madam Chocolat, showed me the light. After about 20 taste-test's and some the best hot chocolate of all time, my mouth would never be the same. Every time I'm in LA I have to stop by say hi and eat chocolate covered Cheerios.
The last time the team and I was in LA we decided that a collaboration was in order. We met a few weeks back. I did a sketch on the flight back east and here we are offering one of my favorite collaborations so far. See the press release below for more info. If you aren't up on designer chocolate... Go here.All the fancy LA celebs get their chocolate here.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, UNDRCRWN turns to premiere Chocolatier, Hasty Torres, to give the one you love
something other than the dunk contest to be thankful for

(Philadelphia, PA) - February 6, 2009 – Undrcrwn Footwear and Apparel today announces its partnership with Madame
Chocolat ( of Beverly Hills. Designed solely by Undrcrwn for Valentine's Day, this limited edition
heart box contains hand made custom chocolates by Madame Chocolat in a keepsake lacquered heart box. One half of the
box features caramel hearts wrapped in classic Undrcrwn colors; purple, red, pink, turquoise and white. The other half of the
box has assorted milk, dark and white chocolate basketballs dusted in silver and gold.

Being sold exclusively on for $150, this is a must have for any basketball fan. Surprise the one you love
this Valentine’s Day with something the both of you can enjoy.

In addition, diamonds and chocolate come together for the Love of Basketball Heart Box. With every box, you will receive
a Golden Ticket and a chance to win a Diamond and Platinum Necklace valued at $8,500.00! Once you have
received a
Golden Ticket, you must enter the Official Golden Ticket Number found on the Golden Ticket at www.madame- with your name and email address. Once you submit this required information, you will
immediately receive notification if you are a Finalist or you have a non-winning ticket. If you are a Golden Ticket Finalist,
you will be directed to submit electronically more information to register for the random drawing of the Diamond and
Platinum Necklace.

Orders must be placed by February 10th in order to receive by Valentine’s Day.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


For making Kobe sound like a real person.
Great interview Kobe.


Ok. So last night Kobe dropped 61 on the Knicks. Not that that isn't impressive, but I heard a few Jordan comparisons. Last time I checked Starks wasn't checking Kobe. When he came to the hole Oakley or Mason wasn't there to hit him. Ewing wasn't even there to come from the weakside. Now I'm not hating at all. Kobe is good. Top 2 in the league but the media needs to calm down. It's a new generation, a new game. LeBron on the other hand... If he had Kobe's chip on his shoulder, there would be no question on the best ever. Dude is a monster.
Hopefully Lebron takes this as motivation to put up big numbers and shut the city down and dead all the "who's the best" whispers.
In any case, the NYC OR BUST tee is available in NY now at:
REEDSPACE NYC (Lower East Side)
VAULT (Harlem)
KARMALOOP.COM (world wide web)

Go to the game wear it. NY needs it.
Again, anyone that gets to the court and gets on TV, Sportscenter or any sort of spotlight. Email me the picture footage etc. Product reward. (we will not cover any bail money)