Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Philly stand up!

For those who don't know me (which is nobody since my mom and my brothers are the only one who read this), I want to give a shout out to Philadelphia.
I left The Bay Area in California, Alameda to be specific, with 3 bags of clothes (mostly nike and Polo) to chase a dream.
7 years later, after moving to NYC twice, Portland (almost) and now back in PHilly. I can kind of call it home.
It has the character and soul of Oakland. Which is the neighboring city where I grew up. Anyways, I love philly. The food, the vibe, the people, the hood, the pace. It's really comfortable but you can get to NY in an hour and half. or DC in 2.
I still love NY, but philly is comfortable.

Twoonefive magazine is a new mag out of philly that will put us on the map. I invited them to the Starting 5 shoot a few weeks back and here is there report.

Monday, October 29, 2007

NBAipedia 2007-2008

Sunday, October 28, 2007


Check out Talib Kweli's new show on the web. I'm really feeling all these new web shows.
Look out for Karmaloop TV, Weeklydrop TV and of course, UNDRCRWN TV.

The first UNDRCRWN cereal box makes an appearance in the end. After being sued by General Mills, I'm glad to see the box still poppin up. What started out as a great/cheap idea turned into an expensive one. Don't worry General Mills. Nobody thinks that there was actual cereal in our boxes.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Always inspired.

Mason from WTHN pointed this hoody out to me and I've been contemplating buying it. It's probably the sickest thing I've seen in a while. Where do you go from here? It just doesn't get any better.

Sunday, October 21, 2007




Friday, October 19, 2007


The ad campaign for UNDRCRWN's holiday collection is called starting5. We brought in Liz Baca from to do the styling, Set Free for his comedic routine, Kelly ( for photos amongst others... Here is a sneak peak from the shoot. Thanks to everyone that made it happen. The art for the books went out today and will be printed and distributed in November. Look out for the first edition of UCTV documenting the process.

THanks again to all the dj's!

Rich Medina - Neil Armstrong - Green Lantern - King Britt - Prince Paul.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Basketball is the common denominator in the UNDRCRWN line. Don't think that it's like the other basketball companies though. UNDRCRWN has nothing to do with playing the game on the court. We're the dudes on the sideline talking shit. It's more the barber shop convo before the game.
So in honor of the greatest barber shop scene ever. (In my case the best movie ever!) We relate the games greatest jheri curl with the greatest jheri curl product never made.

This image is from the UNDRCRWN Holiday 2007 lookbook. All product will drop in November so be on the lookout for collection of classics with a twist. Shown Here is King Britt wearing the Soul Glo tee in white.


Monday, October 15, 2007


This is dedicated to Jeff Rhodes of Robot Films. Your tees are on the way...


I MADE 36 OF THESE FOR A FEW FRIENDS. Click on the image to see up close.
Sorry not for sale. More on the way… As they say "For Promo Only"

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Thursday, October 11, 2007



Last Thursday, I was honored as one of the top 35 entrepreneurs under the age of 35. The list was amazing. It was great to get acknowledged with the rest of the group. Congrats to the other honorees! Big up to Rob Stone and the rest of the cornerstone crew from making it happen. Thanks for Sondra, Pete and Set Free for supporting the kid. I know you only came for the free mojitos.

Johnnie Walker(R) Blue Label(R) Celebrates 35 Under 35

Award Celebrates Leading Young Minds

NEW YORK, Oct. 4 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- The makers of Johnnie
Walker(R), the world's number one Scotch whisky brand, announced today
the recipients of the Johnnie Walker Blue Label 35 Under 35 Award.
This honor was designed to celebrate the brightest young minds across
a broad cross-section of disciplines including artists, writers, music
executives, comedians and designers. As part of being chosen for this
honor, the elite list of 35 will be featured in a distinguished coffee
table book highlighting their accomplishments. Their achievements will
also be celebrated at a private event in New York City on October 4th.
Among those being honored are award-winning photographers and
filmmakers, record label executives, fashion designers, leaders in the
non-profit world, the star of a hit MTV show, technology gurus and
authors-those leading the way, working to make a difference and
setting the standard in their industries.
"In the selection of the 35, it was important to not only
celebrate those that have achieved a great deal, but to also recognize
those who are going to continue to shape the future of their
respective businesses," said Bill Topf, VP Scotch and Irish whiskey,
Diageo North America. "These are the innovators and motivators of
today, the people who will shape the future, and we are pleased to
honor these unique success stories with Johnnie Walker Blue Label, the
rarest and most exclusive blend in the Johnnie Walker portfolio."

The Johnnie Walker Blue Label 35 under 35:
Adam Berkowitz / CEO, ID Society
Adam Shore / General Manager, Vice Records
Alexander Kane / Founder, JELLYNYC
Aziz Ansari / Comedian
Blake MyCoskie / Chief Show Giver, TOMS
Chris Isenberg / Head, Mo MAs
Doug Smiley / Marketing and New Media, Downtown Records
Dustin Canalin / Founder, Undrcrwn
Ellen Stagg / Photographer
Eric Wong / Chief Marketing Officer, Bad Boy Entertainment
Gabe Tesoriero / VP of Publicity, Def Jam Recordings
Gee Roberson / CEO of Hip-Hop Since 1978 and Senior VP of Urban Music at
Atlantic Records
Gordon Hull / Creative Director, Surface to Air
Isa Saalabi / Co-founder, Nom de Guerre
Jeff Ng (a.k.a Jeff Staple) / Founder, Staple
Jen Lyon / Event Producer
Jonathan Cohen / Editor, Billboard
Joseph Patel / Producer, MTV News
Kai Regan / Photographer and Director
Kenzo Minami / Artist and Designer
Matt Kahn / Marketing, Glaceau
Michael Shimbo / President and Founder, CONCERT.TV
Michael Skolnik / Filmmaker
"Hawaii" Mike Salman / Founder and Editor-in-Chief, LTD Magazine
Mirabelle Marden / Gallerist
Nick Barat / DJ and Producer
Pace Lattin / CEO, vizi
Param Singh / Managing Partner, 212 Media
Paul Green / Founder and President, The Paul Green School of Rock
Rich Kleiman / CEO, Allido Records
Rogan Gregory / Designer
Ryan Schreiber / Founder, Publisher, Pitchfork
Scott Harrison / Head, Charity:
Shanon Chaiken / Entertainment Relations, Gibson
Tia Williams / Author and Beauty Editor

"We look forward to celebrating the achievements of these
groundbreaking professionals responsibly," said Topf.
The Johnnie Walker Blue Label 35 Under 35 event also marks the
culmination of the Johnnie Walker Blue Label Best of Every Scene
events, a nationwide series of eight events that took place in four
cities. The events were designed as a rare opportunity for industry
peers to witness the best in emerging trends across all entertainment
mediums including music, film, art, fashion and cuisine. Best of Every
Scene ranged from a music showcase held in November at New York's Zen
Studio for folk chanteuse Emily Haines to a photo exhibition in May
for acclaimed photographer Kwaku Alston at Venice, California's Focus

About Johnnie Walker(R):
Johnnie Walker(R) is the world's most powerful whisky brand. Its
portfolio features five award-winning whiskies-Red Label(R), Black
Label(R), Green Label(R), Gold Label(R), and Blue Label(R) -imported
and distributed in the United States by Diageo North America. At the
2007 San Francisco World Spirits Competition, The Johnnie Walker Blue
Label Anniversary Pack created to honor the 200th birthday of founder
and original blender John Walker was named "Best Blended Scotch" and
Green Label was named "Best Blended Malt Scotch." More than 4 bottles
Johnnie Walker are consumed every second, and more than 120
million bottles are sold every year in more than 200 countries. The
product line covers a broad range of occasions for the whisky drinker
from every day to special moments. The five premium brands represent a
range of prices and tastes that share a remarkable 180-year history
and a commitment to quality. Additional information about Johnnie
Walker may be found at