Friday, August 29, 2008


What up Ash! You killed it.

If you didn't know about Asher Roth... You're welcome!


mos def is trilla!

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Just another sample. I'll be posting these all week.
I'm proud to have creeated a brand that is so diverse. This is what it's all about.
B.Sheng, Set Free, Mos Def, Asher Roth, Beanie Siegal, Soundtrack by Dj Cannon!


Today I leave Vegas. For the last week UNDRCRWN has made huge strides. It's rare that the stars align and things come together so naturally. But this past week will go down as a milestone in this companies path to success.
Here are a few highlights. More to come. Big up to everyone that was a part of this. This one is for the book.

Come on what brand can bring Asher Roth, Mos Def, Beanie Sigel and Mr. Fab together in a cipher. (Believe me. Fucking amazing!YOutube where you at?!)  They all represent the brand and touch every aspect of Hip Hop. SOmeone said that we brought hip hop back this week.

Go get the O-Face tee at UNDRCRWN.COM

It was truly a celebration, bitches!

Asher Roth and Beanie from Little Tank on Vimeo.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Saturday, August 23, 2008


Wale & UNDRCRWN from Little Tank on Vimeo.

CYPHER Courtesy of Wale+State Property.
We were by the studio to see it all go down. Download it here.
State Prop album coming soon.


Obama tees for sale if you're in Denver.
Or you can buy them here online.


On my way to Vegas for the magic show.
Peep us out if you're around.

Big UNDRCRWN EVENT on Tuesday.
3 part party. 5pm-5am.
It's a celebration bitches!

Friday, August 22, 2008


Undrcrwn presents the t-shirt we named: O-Face.

This gem dropping today at The 400 in Denver right in time for the Democratic National Convention as well as the Rock the Bells Tour featuring everyone's uncles favorite rappers.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


For buyer info please contact


Mos Def Designs for Undrcrwn
Aug. 18, 2008

JERSEY CITY, N.J. — In an effort to expand its reach beyond its basketball roots, Philadelphia-based Undrcrwn has enlisted Mos Def for a cut-and-sewn collection to launch for spring ’09. The capsule, consisting of 14 pieces, will debut on Aug. 26 at a Mos Def listening party at the Palms in Las Vegas.

“It all went down in about 90 days, but I feel like I’ve known these guys forever,” said Mos Def during an interview near his apartment in Jersey City. “When you meet a good friend, you just feel the connection.”

In fact, it was Mos Def that introduced himself to the Undrcrwn team at last season’s MAGIC show. Mos was already a fan of the three-year-old brand, and jumped at the opportunity to co-opt some of his favorite Undrcrwn silhouettes for his own creations.

Dustin Canalin, Undrcrwn’s creative director, described Mos Def as “a popular figure in the streetwear culture, and a true artist. He looks at creativity first, and dollars later.”

As for Mos Def’s contribution to Undrcrwn’s collection, Canalin said, “We took his DNA and applied it to ours.” Many of the items incorporate the colors and cover print from the 2004 Dead Prez album “RBG: Revolutionary But Gangsta,” but include personalization from Mos Def’s own life. He twists conventional elements, adorning a nylon jacket with an upside-down flag, or printing bandana stripes on the back side of a T-shirt, for example. “A lot of it was just child’s play,” he said. “It’s just playing around with things, and saying, ‘People always do this, let’s not do that.’” The line, branded “Mos Def designed by Dustin Canalin for Undrcrwn,” will retail from $36 to $200.

Mos Def also found inspiration in his hometown of Brooklyn, a borough that he described as “mundane and extravagant all at once. There’s always an emphasis on showing style in Brooklyn, but it’s unique. It’s not like Harlem, where the style is flashy. Brooklyn is more subtle, with an attention to detail and accents.”

Although the collection is Mos Def’s first attempt at apparel design, the artist has long been involved in the streetwear scene. Instead of high-end shopping for designer goods, Mos Def is frequently spotted wearing sought-after streetwear labels and hanging out in New York City’s streetwear shops.

“I come from a place where how stylish or fashionable you were had nothing to do with how much money you had,” he explained. “Brands like Supreme are giving luxury brands a big run for their money. These types of brands represent a certain type of perspective and a new kind of status.”

His cut-and-sewn collection won’t hit stores until February, but Mos Def has already teased the public with a T-shirt collaboration for Undrcrwn, termed the Watermelon Syndicate, which he wore for a Carnegie Hall performance earlier this summer. He concedes that his celebrity will help promote his apparel, but promises that his identity alone will not define the Mos Def for Undrcrwn group. “At the end of the day, it has nothing to do with my celebrity quotient,” he said, reminding DNR of Michael Jackson’s failed attempt to move L.A. Gear at the height of his career. “If the product is good, it doesn’t matter how many movies I’ve been in or how many albums I’ve made.”

As for Undrcrwn, Canalin promised that Mos Def will be one of many designers to guest with Undrcrwn in future seasons, as the brand looks to expand outward from its sporty roots. Undrcrwn recently signed on Bryon Sheng, the creator of Adidas’s Remix division, to head up sales and marketing, and hopes that Mos Def will entice larger retail chains into recognizing Undrcrwn’s creative potential. “We don’t want to have the brand so regimented to basketball,” he explained. “We’re really trying to give it a designer touch.”

Sunday, August 17, 2008


Thursday, August 14, 2008


We just had to do this.

Unless Nike sees this and wants to make it, don't expect to see this in stores.(hint,hint)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


We hooked up with Mos Def to produce tees for his Watermelon Syndicate show a few weeks back.
We produced a limited amount of these tees. They are only available at right now.

I wasn't able to make it, but Undrcrwn's own Set Free, was there to take it all in.
Peep the interview and look for more from Set Free and Karmaloop. It's an Undrcrwn take over baby!

The tees are up on

also- We designed and produced these tees in less than 3 days. Big up to Wes!


If Chad Johnson goes through with this, he will be the greatest showman of all time... At least in my book.

From SportingNews Blog.

When Chad ripped off the name “JOHNSON” from the back of his jersey to reveal “OHCO CINCO” two seasons ago, in marked a sea change in wide receiver flamboyance and all around awesomeness. It also forced Chad to make out a check to the NFL for $5,000. So, being the madman that he is, instead of never wearing an “OCHO CINCO” jersey again and being forced to suffer the consequences, Chad’s reportedly decided to just legally change his last name from Johnson to Ocho Cinco. I’m being for serious -- I can’t make this sort of brilliance up:
We’ve learned that Johnson has taken the first steps in the state of Florida toward legally changing his last name to Ocho Cinco.
If Johnson follows through on this, his actual, legal name will be Chad Ocho Cinco, and the NFL would then (we assume) allow him to put his new last name on the back of his jersey.

Chad Ocho Cinco; it has a nice ring to it. Although he best hope that trade he wanted so badly in the offseason never happens -- there’s a decent chance he’d end up on a squad where “85” is already spoken for. Then he’d just look silly wearing his new name on his back. And if there’s one thing Mr. Ocho Cinco’s refuses to do, it’s make himself look silly.


In a sea of Obama tees hitting the streets (presnt company included) here is my favorite so far.
Grotesks work is dope. See here.


Big up to Damani and Western Union.

Monday, August 11, 2008


Song lyrics on T-shirts are nothing new... actually it's a bit overused.
I always say, "I'm not re-inventing the wheel", I'm just taking something that is out there and making it mine (UNDRCRWN'S)"

Anyone can find a rap lyric, quote, etc. that they like or sounds cool and throw it on a t-shirt. The true genius and actual creativity comes when it is rooted in deeper meaning. Being clever is what UNDRCRWN is about. We take things that don't normally go together and bringing them together to represent UNDRCRWN.

Here are a couple of tees out now and coming soon and the meaning behind the meaning... and they look good.

Kobe Says He'd Take Italy's $50 Million

Kobe Says He'd Take Italy's $50 Million
Friday, August 08, 2008
Posted By Bethlehem Shoals 11:45 AM
Color me unsurprised that Kobe would take up an Italian team on a $50 million per year vacation. Speaking to The Boston Globe, Bryant runs down all the reasons he's a special case:
"Because I grew up in Italy it has more significance to me because I'm more familiar with it, I've been there and I still have friends there," said Bryant, a three-time NBA champion. "I'm thinking about buying a house out there. It would be nothing to me to be able to do that."
This is all deeply hypothetical at this point. And let's not forget, Kobe the 2011 free agent will be 33, and have titles to his name -- the polar opposite of James, title-less and still trying to define the meaning of his prime at 25. LeBron would be putting his career on hold, and it could be lose/lose: Play too well, and you make Europe look like a joke, while anything less would hurt the brand. For Kobe, it's somewhere between a coda and a mild coup.

Plus, Kobe's reflecting on a return to his childhood home; LeBron's got Greece, which is plesant, or Russia. Russia. Then again, despite all the differences between Kobe-to-Italy and LeBron to the highest international bidder, there was this from the reigning MVP: "Do you know any reasonable person that would turn down 50 (million dollars)?"

(from blog)

Also see Gilberts Blog on his opinion on people bouncing to Europe for loot.
I hope this doesn't get out of hand. You think the NBA is watered down. It can only get worse.

Sunday, August 10, 2008





When nobody believes in you and you end up winning...
That is Undrcrwn.

It's a celebration, bitches!



Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I only missed... Jay performed with Nas and Kweli and Mos united again.
You have to be from BK to wear the uniform.
See more here.

Because of lack of sleep, I missed the show.