Thursday, August 28, 2008


Today I leave Vegas. For the last week UNDRCRWN has made huge strides. It's rare that the stars align and things come together so naturally. But this past week will go down as a milestone in this companies path to success.
Here are a few highlights. More to come. Big up to everyone that was a part of this. This one is for the book.

Come on what brand can bring Asher Roth, Mos Def, Beanie Sigel and Mr. Fab together in a cipher. (Believe me. Fucking amazing!YOutube where you at?!)  They all represent the brand and touch every aspect of Hip Hop. SOmeone said that we brought hip hop back this week.

Go get the O-Face tee at UNDRCRWN.COM

It was truly a celebration, bitches!

Asher Roth and Beanie from Little Tank on Vimeo.