Sunday, March 30, 2008

Saturday, March 29, 2008


From Baron's birthday party a week ago. He's wearing an oldie but goody. SHout out to the in4mation crew.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008



Party was off the chain. Thanks to all that came through. State Property was in the building. Mos Def, Ron and the Ubiq Crew, Davey from Stussy Phila (coming soon!), TwoOneFive Mag, Mountain Dew, EA sports, Skull Candy and anyone I forgot.
Be sure to check UBIQLIFE.COM for exclusive products from UNDRCRWN only available at UBIQ. Product hits the web next week. More info when it comes. FYI.


Monday, March 17, 2008




Wil Farell - CLASS CLOWN


There have been a bunch UNDRCRWN varsity letter pieces popping up lately.
So to show you how diverse our world is.... WEST COAST REPRESENT!

Up and coming west coast artists. MR. FAB and DAMANI (Western Union) were spotted wearing UC gear at Snoop Dogg's Story Tellers with DJ Quick and Kurput of the Dogg Pound.


Saturday, March 15, 2008



With March Madness upon us. Some that don't follow sports, let alone, college sports, may not know that there is a bigger influence than just a basketball tournament.

From a fashion standpoint there is 1 team that used the hoopla of March Madness as their "rap video". Before kids watched BET or MTV and then ran to their local cool sneakerhead boutique, there was Michael Jordan and Footlocker. He created the culture. Then came the Fab5.
Not too many people (especially the NCAA) give the FAB5 from Michigan the credit of what they did.
It was bigger than just being a 2nd place finisher in the tournament or 5 freshman's taking a team to the final 4.

Some say Jordan was the first to wear baggy shorts. Any photo of Jordan's so called baggy shorts will tell you that they were just a little bit bigger than the underwear. The Fab5 were the ones that created the trend and officially ended the short short standard.
They went below their knees and every kid including myself were running for the size 40 short shorts so that they can be bigger.

They unify their uniforms even more than just the jersey and short. Black socks. Matching shoes, bald heads

The big March Madness event was when they came out with the First Hurraches and then the Black Air Max's. They were barkleys shoe but they were the ones that made them pop. Every kid tried to figure out what the hell they were wearing. It was a true search and discover. Not like today when you can find out what's out before half the employees at the company on NIKETALK.

So with all that being said, UNDRCRWN honors the FAB5 as the most influential team ever.

Like Dre said. "We started this gangsta shit".

And for that I thank them.





If you're luck enough to be in Hawaii right now, go over to In4mation and pick up some of UC's finest.

Friday, March 14, 2008


Quick story. In 2002 or 3, my business partner Pete Small played a CD one night that struck a cord. It was a mix of classic hip hop with the original samples. Everything from Biggie to BBD, New Edition, Michael Jackson to the Spinners and Bill Withers. It was dead on my musical taste. I grew up on 60's and 70's soul (Motown mostly) and then on to MJ and on to biggie. That CD was Neil Armstrong's Original Series CD. Crazy! I know from that point on that this dude was making mixtapes for me. I wanted to do what I could to work with him. Now 6 years later I've been able to meet him, work with him and just chill out with him to see where it all comes from. A true friend and person that I am so happy to see succeed.
Look what happened to him.... and if you don't know... GO BUY HIS MIXTAPES! and shoes....

from an email from Neil himself...

I thought I'd make this entry interesting and tell you a story, and like every story worth telling, it starts with a girl…

You see, I used to date this girl. I adored her... She used to fall asleep next to me and would usually ended up drooling on my shoulder… and I really loved that about her, and it’s what I wanted for my life, and I believe that it is still something I truly want - something stable and sweet and just for me and one other person to share. Eventually for reasons out of my control she had to leave - to make her life better I guess, despite my hopes and wishes and best efforts for her to stay.

I figure many of y’all can pick up what I’m trying to put down. The unfortunate situation where no matter how hard you try you just can’t manage to get what you want.

Now my boy Vinroc, who I personally believe is borderline hippy from being in the bay for so long insists that in reality, I didn’t want that life, that I want something else – so that’s why things didn’t turn out the way I thought they would. He has been an observer of my ups and downs and he has this nice idea about believing and staying positive, and that universe will conspire in your favor. I love him for his brand of good vibes, but I think he should go buy a condo on lollipop lane and he might as well play hopscotch all day in candyland with that happy stuff.. He calls me negative – go figure.

I’ve learned through my own experience that a difference adage applies to my life, and maybe yours too.

You can’t always get what you want… But you’ll get what you need.

This past year has been a sprinkle of dizzying highs with a nice healthy serving of nauseating lows. The bittersweet symphony that is life.

Well I just added a nice heapful of the goodstuff to the formula.

Your boy Neil Armstrong of the Almighty 5th Platoon will be Jay-z ‘s DJ for the Heart of the City Tour. Yes, Jay-z, not J-Zone as Daddy Dog used to say to me. I’ll be rocking the stage along with Mr. Carter and Mary J across the U.S. and Canada, check out for tour dates in a city near you.

The 5th Platoon, the Neil Armstrong brand - has been pushed to the next level.

This is a thank you for all y’all that picked up my mixtapes, pushed them into the right hands and ears. Even to the critics who keep me on my toes. You are the reason that this is happening for me.

Thanks to my manager Sky and to Vashtie in particular.

This is something that was beyond the scope of my dreams. It never even occurred to me to shoot for something of this level. So again… I didn’t get what I want… But I guess I got what I need..., and I’m sure one day those two things will cross and everything will be lovely…

Stay up true believers. Neil Armstrong is in the building.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008



Through my work with adidas I had a chance to work with the ThreeZero Company in the development of their Gil2Zero shoe.
It's finally dropping now. The shoe was designed by Eric So and will soon be accompanied by a Gilbert 18" figure to go with it.
This was one of 3 shoes of the 20 that I didn't design. For better or worse it was an amazing concept. There is still time for gil to
get on the court and wear all 20- pairs in 20 games. Remember Undrcrwn vs. Gil2Zero coming in April. Only 500 pairs in the world.

Images courtesy of

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Chris Paul just launched his signature shoe with Jordan Brand... Jordan please call me to do a colorway.

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Saturday, March 8, 2008


3.08.08. ESPN. 9PM.

Sorry if this offends any Duke Alumni, fans, etc. I mean no harm.
I grew up in the age of UNLV, MICHIGAN FAB 5, Carolina with Jordan, Worthy, Sheed, Vince. UNDRCRWN is anti establishment. Duke is the establishment. So Tarheels, Don't make me eat my words. Hold it down.

Friday, March 7, 2008



Story taken from

SPREWELL IN FINANCIAL TROUBLE. Former NBA star Latrell Sprewell's home is up for foreclosure and his yacht was sold at auction to help pay off the $1.3 million he owes on the boat, according to court filings.

Sprewell, who once turned down a three-year, $21-million contract extension, saying, "I've got my family to feed," has apparently fallen on tough times. Citizens Bank filed a foreclosure suit last week in Milwaukee County for the $405,000 home Sprewell bought in 1994. Court documents claimed he owed $295,138 in outstanding payments plus interest.

Sprewell, 37, hasn't played pro basketball since turning down the $21-million extension from the Timberwolves during the 2004-05 season. He was making $14.6 million at the time.



Thursday, March 6, 2008



This Friday, Stussy will be opening a flagship store in Las Vegas.
Eddie Cruz of UNDFTD invited me to participate in the event with special STUSSY VS. UNDRCRWN collaboration t-shirt. This is the 2nd Las Vegas themed shirt that we've done with the UNDFTD family. So this one is sure to be as successful as the first. THe only place to get it will be in Vegas.
I always have a special place in my heart for Las Vegas since I was born there.
Congrats to everyone involved. Stussy is definitely paving the path for brands like UNDRCRWN to succeed.

I haven't seen the other tee collaborations, but there is a glimpse of the FRUITION version.

Monday, March 3, 2008


11-Year-Old Kid Bound for NBA Of course, if he doesn`t make the NBA, he can always join the Harlem Globtrotters with all those moves he has.


One of our most anticipated tees.
I designed it in collaboration with ROCKSMITH. They came up with the tagline and I went to work.
It's the second coming of our UNDRCRWN THEORY TEE.