Friday, October 31, 2008


UNDRCRWN family Neil Armstrong just wrapped with Jay-Z's tour. Here are a few shots of Neil reppin' UNDRCRWN, Obama and The Roc.... What else is there. oh yeah. King James too. What brand can bring DJ's, HIP HOP, BASKETBALL and OBAMA together.?

Congrats Neil! Now go make some music.


So most people saw Spike Lee wearing the O-Face tee at the DNC. He reached out to us and made some special requests. Hoodies, long sleeves, etc. Here it is in action at the Knicks game and at Russel SImmons' Vote Party last night.
We're going to be dropping the hoodie and other silhouettes soon.



Thursday, October 30, 2008


This jacket combined a basic athletic windbreaker/coaches jacket with the Hawaiian print motif. We lined the inside with the background from the famous scene from Scarface. Jackets like these will be on sale on our website that is RE-launching in a couple of weeks.
Shout out to Fab! Less is more! Make us look good.


Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Undrcrwn friends over at (is Darko still in the league?) have just launched a book based on the way they see basketball. The are is amazing! I pre-ordered my copy here. Hopefully they will sell prints of the art. Or can you say t-shirt collabo? Get at me!

The Macrophenomenal Pro Basketball Almanac functions simultaneously as the ultimate basketball book for the ultimate NBA fan as well as the ideal sports book for the person with no interest in sports. This book will satiate the passionate sports fan's desire to see athleticism legitimized as a cultural element extending beyond mere cro-magnon brawn.

Within the pages of this tome, NBA hoopery collides with Japanese noise-rock, municipal politics, experimental zoology, Belgian surrealism, and behavioral economics like never before. The mystical deities of this hallowed league of professional basketball are finally given the treatment they deserved, as they are scrutinized not as men, but as embodiments of our own core cultural values and insecurities.

Whereas past sports-literary endeavors have attempted to paint sports as a metaphor for life or life as a metaphor for sport, we depict the National Basketball Association as a universe unlike any that one would encounter in daily existence. The NBA is a sphere in which Indiana farmboys, housing project messiahs, African tribesmen, and escapees from war-torn Eastern Bloc countries, coalesce by the nature of their superhuman physicality. Free Darko was born to make sense of it all.



And to celebrate the launch of the new and improved webstore we will be dropping exclusive colorways of the O-Face tee dedicated to NY, LA, CHI and BOSTON. We have one the illest post election tees that we will debut on Nov. 4th. If you liked the O-Face tee you will need to have this next one.
Here's a sneak peak. VOTE!


Thanks Freshness for the headsup.

the oldschool. Some of my fav's!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Thank you Kobe!

You are on your way to not being borrrrrrringggg!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Our Fall2 delivery is hitting stores as we speak.
Inspired by our version of the american dream. Classic Americana the 1992 version.
I was in highschool when Hilfiger jackets, polo sport, Helly Hansen and Nautica were big. I used to see it in the magazines and on Marlon Wayans from the Wayans Bros. show (don't hate. You watched it too). Being from the Bay nobody really was into it. I used to have to venture to SF to hit the Helly Hansen store and the big Macy's over there. Ok enough of all that. Go get it! It's available now at and at UNDRCRWN retailers.

Also-We're going to be updating our website and best believe that our entire Fall line will be availble as well as web exclusives and previews on what to come. So look out for that in November.

Monday, October 20, 2008


The people that know me know that I grew up with SLAM. I still have the first years issues. I used to draw all the pictures in there, tear out the nike ads and read anything by Scoop Jackson.
So it's crazy that we've already been called the brand to look out for by Ryan Jones, Slam's last editor in chief as well as Scoop himself for ESPN.COM

Here is my first real interview with them about of all things politics. Of course politics as I see them. Look out Obama!

Thanks for the interview Ben! What do I have to do for the cover.


Friday, October 17, 2008


I just picked up the AIR JORDAN DUST PACK. (customized by my hustle)
I had to do some wheeling and dealing but in the end I made out. Well kind of.
I don't get that excited about shoes these days. I just love the classics.
The problem is the other shoe in these 2 shoe packs that add up to 23. Not shitting on it because everyone will still buy them (I was willing to)... but I would have bought like 3 sets if they actually came with the 3's and the 4's Not any of the new ones.

In any case. Jordan Brand: THanks for releasing these finally. If you want any Obama tees hit me up. We can trade.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Hawaii Mike (LTD), Yu Ming (Freshnessmag), and some dude that snuck in and drank all the wine.

So Set Free and I were in NY yesterday for Eminem's exclusive book release party. Undrcrwn participated by releasing a t-shirt in collaboration with the book. The tees are on sale now on Go get it! The book was cool. But the tees were the talk of the event. (So I was told.) Shout out to Paul Rosenberg and Riggs for making this happen.

Thanks to Wendy of Nitrolicious for a few of the pix that weren't watermarked. Sorry for the whack watermarked photos. I have more to come but havent downloaded them off the camera. Such a novice blogger I know.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


College basketball starts soon. Check him out at Memphis this year.
Good luck Reke and fam. It's going to be a good year for you guys.
Go make buckets.


(Philadelphia, PA) – October 14, 2008 – UNDRCRWN, the premier luxury basketball lifestyle brand, today announces their collaboration with recording artist, actor and author Marshall B. Mathers III, a.k.a Eminem. To support the release of his new book, The Way I Am, UNDRCRWN has designed a limited edition Eminem caricature tee shirt. The 100% cotton tee features “Detroit Slim” in Detroit Pistons colors, holding a “Greatest of All Time” Trophy in one hand and touting his book in the other.

We see Em as a representation of our core values. Eminem is someone that has fought through adversity and naysayers to become one of the greatest artists of all time. With every product we create we make sure that it represents who we are and what we stand for.

Em is a huge Pistons fan and loves basketball in general so we wanted to make sure that we represented that in the tee. The GOAT trophy came from my personal opinion that ended up being solidified by XXL a few days ago.

The tee goes on sale on October 15, 2008 and will be sold exclusively on and at Nort 235 (235 Eldride Street). The tee will then be available in a limited run beginning October 31 at UC retailers nationwide. Get your orders in accounts!

But it here online.

Also. I'm off to the Launch party tonight. It will be a celebration bitches!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Let's talk baseball.
Baseball was my first love. I started early and was good(don't hate).
I figured my professional career would be in sports and specifically as a player playing shortstop.
All-Star teams, winter leagues basically led for no time to do anything.
It consumed my life and I loved it. Along the way people were getting better, I was losing interest and I began to love basketball.
I knew I had no shot at a professional career there so wasn't really sure what path I would take.
The highlight of all that is that as a sophmore I was slated to be staring shortstop on a highly touted team.( we eventually won the state title). Until a hot shot kid about 4 feet tall but fast as (bleep). Took my spot. It felt undeserved but hey, my ego was big then too. That kid was a freshman and named Jimmy Rollins, now former MVP and starting shortstop for the Phillies.
It was my senior year, and I started taking art serious. Besides drawing Nike signs on peoples back packs for 5bucks I used to draw caricatures of people for $20. I did some for Jimmy and a bunch of others too.
It supported my "being dope" habbit. (still got it today, and the ego.LOL)
Jimmy said or wrote in my yearbook, when I go pro you will design my shoes.

Jimmy I've been in Philly for a minute now. I'm here and I have some shoes for you.

Go Phillies.

Also another random fact. Jeremy (also of Undrcrwn) was beat out by Jimmy for Northern California Athlete of the Year.
Motivation is the key to success. Not bad when dude that beat you is the MVP and playing for the title this year.

some old highschool drawings... and I thought I was hot.


Welcome to the goodlife. Undrcrwn shout outs in the end.

Monday, October 13, 2008


I'm not going to front. Every time I go to LA I hit Roscoes.
I actually grew up in the SF Bay Area and we had a Roscoes in Oakland that I used to frequent.
It's pretty amazing that syrup and hot sauce mix so well. Who would have thought. That meal is actually why the inspiration for the Chicken and Waffles New Era hat and T-shirt. It's like Undrcrwn. Things that you don't think go together that make up something amazing.

Tee and hat are available here at Go get it.

Obama tee sighting.

Anyone know who this is?

Thursday, October 9, 2008


Undrcrwn launches a new venture with Music Skins. These things are cool. They have light adhesive to it that makes it removal. We are going to do multiple patterns so you can freak your digital accessory as much as you do your limited edition kicks that you bought off of Craigslist from a 14 year old who makes more money than you waiting in line all night to flip them. (ok that was a low blow) I respect the hustle. GO GET IT.