Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Let's talk baseball.
Baseball was my first love. I started early and was good(don't hate).
I figured my professional career would be in sports and specifically as a player playing shortstop.
All-Star teams, winter leagues basically led for no time to do anything.
It consumed my life and I loved it. Along the way people were getting better, I was losing interest and I began to love basketball.
I knew I had no shot at a professional career there so wasn't really sure what path I would take.
The highlight of all that is that as a sophmore I was slated to be staring shortstop on a highly touted team.( we eventually won the state title). Until a hot shot kid about 4 feet tall but fast as (bleep). Took my spot. It felt undeserved but hey, my ego was big then too. That kid was a freshman and named Jimmy Rollins, now former MVP and starting shortstop for the Phillies.
It was my senior year, and I started taking art serious. Besides drawing Nike signs on peoples back packs for 5bucks I used to draw caricatures of people for $20. I did some for Jimmy and a bunch of others too.
It supported my "being dope" habbit. (still got it today, and the ego.LOL)
Jimmy said or wrote in my yearbook, when I go pro you will design my shoes.

Jimmy I've been in Philly for a minute now. I'm here and I have some shoes for you.

Go Phillies.

Also another random fact. Jeremy (also of Undrcrwn) was beat out by Jimmy for Northern California Athlete of the Year.
Motivation is the key to success. Not bad when dude that beat you is the MVP and playing for the title this year.

some old highschool drawings... and I thought I was hot.