Thursday, February 5, 2009

LeBron vs. Kobe

I often talk and write about my critique of Kobe Bryant. Like UNDRCRWN my opinion has more to do with the lifestyle and culture of basketball and less about on the court. Hey I'm a perfectionist. I'm sure Kobe says the same thing to himself... well maybe not but you get the picture. I guess when you're on top people are most critical.
In any case. After watching both games against NY, there is a lot of buzz going on about who's better. So I'd like to analyze the two looking through my lens. Like I said, they are the 2 best players in the game... period. (sorry dwight, maybe in a few years). Regardless of the triple double by Lebron with 50+ points and the 61 by Kobe, they both put on a show.

1. ON COURT SWAG (I hate this term but you all get it.)
-KOBE hands down. He get's better when people want him to lose. He's a killer and you can really tell he hates to lose. He even yells at his own team.
- LeBron is too cool... and too good. I think he's the best player ever made. He will go down as the best ever once he learns how to yell at his teammates, throw tantrums that look like he wants to kill you, etc. etc. Side note hard to have ultimate swag if Jay-Z call him his "youngin'". Which means Jay is his swagger coach... Maybe after the Blueprint 3 LeBron.
- LeBron with a slight edge. They both say the right things aka cliches and talk like robots. "I just wanted to get the team involved... I really just wanted to go out there and give my best and leave it on the court..." No personality.
I really wish Kobe would just say what he feels. If he's extra obnoxious with it (kind of like pro wrestlers ie. THE ROCK), he would be a must see 24/7.If Lebron did his interview like Ricky Bobby he would be the best. 


I still don't get Kobe's logo. Just like him it makes no sense. I really didn't like the Adidas logo either. He got mad at them and cut his hair. Comedy!
LeBron's logo is too intricate. Not a fan. Means nothing. Too much going on.

Lebron. His 2nd shoes I would put up there as 1 of my favorites of all time. It said everything about him, his marketing plan and Nike. It was also one of the best performing hoop shoes and at the same time looked good on the street.
Kobe is still trying to make people forget about the toaster oven/dustbuster/chevy minivan shoes from adidas.
Atleast Kobe left after 2. He never would have recovered from the 3rd shoe if that ever came out.

LeBron. He is doing a good job in all the commercials he's in. From the new State Farm football commercial to the LeBron's. They are all funny and showcase that he has a personality.
Kobe is a challenge to Nike and it's dope how all his good commercials require some sort of hollywood trickery. From the adidas super dunk commercials to the nike jumping of the car. Both good but are fake. Hmmmm.

- It's a split decision for me. The original KOBE & KOBE tee was funny, Most don't realize that inside the shirt. I wrote a letter to kobe that said " Dear Kobe, They hat you because they ain't you."
But the Lebron shirt that was never made... was the coming to america tee.

Gil where are you at?The NBA needs some personality!