Saturday, February 7, 2009

Stansbury Says Hello

Please join in welcoming me- Stansbury.  Below is the transcript from Stansbury's  very first interview with UNDRCRWN.

Introduce yourself to the readers
My government name is Theodore Stansbury III  but you may know me by Stansbury. Stansbury from Brooklyn NY. Stansbury dropped out of high school to pursue a modeling career but after “the incident,” Stansbury went to Cal Berkeley on a full ride basketball scholarship.

What is “the incident” you are referring to? 

Some people may not know this, but Stansbury was the original Polo Bear. Stansbury was hired way before that amateur you see today. In Stansbury’s second or third photo shoot, Ralph brought me into his office and explained that they were “going in another direction.” Not sure, but word on the street is they wanted a ‘whiter’ bear and that I was too ‘hood.’ And I thought light skinned bears were in style. Stansbury uses that as motivation to this day. Look at Stansbury now. They can all kiss
Stansbury’s ass.

So is there still beef? 
Never that! Stansbury is a professional. Until UNDRCRWN rediscovered Stansbury, Stansbury‘s persona and style could not be matched. Stansbury has to raise the bar with every project he gets involved in.

You have a trademark style. A classic look but with a twist. Where did that come from? Who inspires you? And by the way, why are you talking in third person? Please stop that. 

Please check yourself. Stansbury is his own man. Stansbury’s style inspiration comes from his love for basketball and classic clothing. Being a professional mascot, there is constant pressure to look good. Stansbury has always been into being different , so he always put things together
that are unexpected.

Like an argyle vest that’s made of fleece? 
Yes. Exactly like that. It’s more functional since Stansbury is pretty active,He wants to look good but has to be comfortable. Not too many companies understand how to make truly comfortable pieces. It’s like having a sweatsuit on but you don’t look like you just woke up late for school. UNDRCRWN’S Argyle Vest is truly an innovative piece. It’s like a sweatervest and a basketball jersey had a baby. Shout out to Dustin, UNDRCRWN'S designer. He get’s my style and what I need to be the flyest mascot in the game.