Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Ok. So last night Kobe dropped 61 on the Knicks. Not that that isn't impressive, but I heard a few Jordan comparisons. Last time I checked Starks wasn't checking Kobe. When he came to the hole Oakley or Mason wasn't there to hit him. Ewing wasn't even there to come from the weakside. Now I'm not hating at all. Kobe is good. Top 2 in the league but the media needs to calm down. It's a new generation, a new game. LeBron on the other hand... If he had Kobe's chip on his shoulder, there would be no question on the best ever. Dude is a monster.
Hopefully Lebron takes this as motivation to put up big numbers and shut the city down and dead all the "who's the best" whispers.
In any case, the NYC OR BUST tee is available in NY now at:
REEDSPACE NYC (Lower East Side)
VAULT (Harlem)
KARMALOOP.COM (world wide web)

Go to the game wear it. NY needs it.
Again, anyone that gets to the court and gets on TV, Sportscenter or any sort of spotlight. Email me the picture footage etc. Product reward. (we will not cover any bail money)