Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I was never really hip to the chocolate game. I had Hersheys but outside of that didn't get the big deal. Until our marketing consultant brought me to one of her other clients shop in Beverly Hills.
Hasty Torres who own Madam Chocolat, showed me the light. After about 20 taste-test's and some the best hot chocolate of all time, my mouth would never be the same. Every time I'm in LA I have to stop by say hi and eat chocolate covered Cheerios.
The last time the team and I was in LA we decided that a collaboration was in order. We met a few weeks back. I did a sketch on the flight back east and here we are offering one of my favorite collaborations so far. See the press release below for more info. If you aren't up on designer chocolate... Go here.All the fancy LA celebs get their chocolate here.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, UNDRCRWN turns to premiere Chocolatier, Hasty Torres, to give the one you love
something other than the dunk contest to be thankful for

(Philadelphia, PA) - February 6, 2009 – Undrcrwn Footwear and Apparel today announces its partnership with Madame
Chocolat ( of Beverly Hills. Designed solely by Undrcrwn for Valentine's Day, this limited edition
heart box contains hand made custom chocolates by Madame Chocolat in a keepsake lacquered heart box. One half of the
box features caramel hearts wrapped in classic Undrcrwn colors; purple, red, pink, turquoise and white. The other half of the
box has assorted milk, dark and white chocolate basketballs dusted in silver and gold.

Being sold exclusively on for $150, this is a must have for any basketball fan. Surprise the one you love
this Valentine’s Day with something the both of you can enjoy.

In addition, diamonds and chocolate come together for the Love of Basketball Heart Box. With every box, you will receive
a Golden Ticket and a chance to win a Diamond and Platinum Necklace valued at $8,500.00! Once you have
received a
Golden Ticket, you must enter the Official Golden Ticket Number found on the Golden Ticket at www.madame- with your name and email address. Once you submit this required information, you will
immediately receive notification if you are a Finalist or you have a non-winning ticket. If you are a Golden Ticket Finalist,
you will be directed to submit electronically more information to register for the random drawing of the Diamond and
Platinum Necklace.

Orders must be placed by February 10th in order to receive by Valentine’s Day.