Thursday, February 12, 2009


So lately as I'm out just chillin' I've been bumping in to a lot of old friends throughout the industry. Other designers, owners of companies, writers, dj's, artists, etc. etc. But the one person that is also making his rounds as well is one of my childhood favorites. Well maybe not childhood but teen hood. Lil Penny has been wild'n. Must not be messing with Tyra any more. 
Check him out at Santos last friday with the good dude Rich Medina (look for more to come with UNDRCRWN and Rich) and Q-tip. He was also spotted in Harlem buying an Obama Tee. And somehow he mangaged to get into NIKE ID to customize something. Can't wait to see those. Not sure how he got those tickets to the Knicks vs. Kobe. 
I'm sure I'll bump into him soon.