Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Hours before Obama is officially sworn in as President of the United States, I just wanted to reflect on the reasons why UNDRCRWN has taken such a strong stance in this historical event.

When hearing about Obama you could only hope that this country would take its head out of the 1950's and 60's and really look at where this country is going. I would never claim nor want to talk,discuss or argue politics. I am more engaged now in the real issues and what our government is doing and not doing about it but when I saw the CNN special about Obama's love for basketball, I was sold. Like I said, I don't know politics, but I know basketball. I feel like little things like these that attach Obama to real people created more interest amongst a lot of people who were just like me.

So with all that being said. America should pat themselves on the back and buckle up for a tough few years to steer this gigantic ship we call The United States Of America around 180 degrees. Enjoy the inauguration.

Also The New York Post posted some articles about comparing Obama to Abe Lincoln. Here is our t-shirt that took Abe Lincoln, Obama and George ICEMAN Gervin into 1 tee. It was more to show that we have a cool president that is built on the values of our past but willing to change to the times.

Lastly (I hate that word), I'm not in DC now but I would compare it to a mix of Woodstock, a Bankers convention and NBA All-Star Weekend. If he give's a shout out to people in the crowd it would only be fitting.

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