Wednesday, January 28, 2009


One of my best friends Kariem is from NY (so he says). Canarsie in Brooklyn to be exact. He spent his entire life talking about BK and I think I've been there more than him. Even before I moved to NY. This shirt is dedicated to him. He follows all the teams through thick and thin. Mostly "thin" these days. But in any case most NY fans are die hards and I respect that. I may adopt them now while they suck so nobody can talk shit once they do get good. I used to be Warriors fan. Sorry to anyone that still is... but then again, they are already SORRY! Baron you still owe a lot of people for season ticket money. I might have to post your email and cel phone number soon.

I never liked Patrick Ewing because he seemed to never miss that baseline jumpshot. But growing up I did have all his adidas shoes. He is a true NY icon and I've grown to like him like the city. In this case we honor 33.

Also comes in a crew. They grey one is dope.

Kariem you should be reading this! This is how people know what I'm doing these days. Send me your address.