Saturday, January 24, 2009

adidas releases 2009 allstar uniforms.

Here's what the allstars will be wearing in Feb's allstar game.
We're getting closer and closer to super hero uniforms... or Australian women olympic basketball uniforms. All chubby ballers better start doing crunches.
Also note that they say you can jump 4% higher with there version of spandex... That's super human.

Together, the jersey and shorts are 31% lighter than the typical NBA uniform. Before, layers of twill were sewn together, bogging down the garment. Now added elements, like conference names and player numbers, are bonded on with a heated glue. From a comfort standpoint, the jerseys are tighter fitting and the seams are heat welded, not sewn. That means better mobility and less abrasion for players inside the uniforms.

League rules state that jerseys must stay tucked in at all times. The gripper elastic waistband keeps the jersey in place, giving players one less thing to worry about "in the heat of battle."

Through athlete testing, Adidas conducted sport-specific studies on the body's "heat zones" areas where players tend to sweat more. Strategically placed holes over these key areas help the guys stay drier longer. The Adidas bodymapping technology works in conjunction with its TECHFIT compression garments, which are worn underneath the uniforms to aid in improved performance, fast recovery, and less fatigue.

The influence of this year's host city in the design is undeniable. The horizontal lines resemble Arizona's rock formations, while the progression of color (desert red for the West, sunset blue for the East) is emblematic of the legendary bird rising from the flames.

The 2009 NBA All-Star jerseys are available online at beginning Jan. 22. NBA All-Star Authentic Player Jerseys and Customized Jerseys: $200; NBA All-Star Swingman Jersey: $80; NBA All-Star Replica Jersey: $50.