Friday, January 16, 2009


If anyone knows me or knows UNDRCRWN (kind of the same thing these days), they know that I'm super intrigued by Biggie Smalls (I actually named my dog BIGGIE). Growing up on the west coast, I actually never listened to him closely. As far as hip hop went, after 95 I was all about Tupac and only west coast hip hop. I really got into the east coast vs. west coast beef. I read all the articles, watched all the documentaries, etc. etc. I really got into BIG then. I always like the way his music sounded but after really listening to him, I was a fan. I always loved NY and he did a good job painting the picture of someone from Brooklyn.
The first tees that we dropped were based on Biggie and Tupac. I continue to reference Biggie and Brooklyn in a lot of the subject matter for UNDRCRWN. When I first met Mos Def he thought I was from Brooklyn (ha!)
ANyways I didn't want to go to any of the industry pre-release showings of Notorious so I could see it with the regular people. I'm trying to see it in Brooklyn. So expect a lot more of the same. Hopefully the movie is good.

So some oldies but goodies.