Monday, December 15, 2008


We're back at it. Launching today on UNDRCRWN.COM are the "Brand for Champions" UNDRCRWN & ADIDAS 3 signature collaboration shoes.

With the way adidas releases signature shoes now, UNDRCRWN is considered a marquee athlete. Like T-Mac, KG, Gil, Dwight Howard, etc. etc., Undrcrwn is asked to put our twist onto the signature models that are shared by other athletes.

With this collaboration we wanted to make sure that they all looked different but told the same story.
All 3 shoes are all things that come with winning.

The Commander Hi represents all things aspirational. Luxury goods, gold, diamonds, trophy wives, fancy cars, etc.

The Creator Mid is a bit more litteraly. It's made up of championship rings and trophy motifs.

The Creator Low represents things that get better with time. Classic with a twist. Basically saying that you can never take away what you accomplish.