Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Starting December 17th at 12PM EST, we will have a huge sale on our site just in time to make sure things arrive before the holiday.

Stop by for:
Tshirts for $8
Sweatshirts for $15
New Era Hats for $8
Jackets for $25

We're also going old school - bring back something we used to get at baseball card shows back in the day. THE GRAB BAG. Who remembers those?

You choose your size and we put in a bunch of dope gear for you at a really good price. When the package arrives, it will be like getting a present from yourself, not sure exactly what will be in the box!

This is a great way to fill your closet with some new stuff without breaking the bank during the holiday season.

$30 Grab Bag will get you 5 shirts (retail value is $140!)

$60 Grab Bag will get you 5 shirts, 1 jacket and 1 sweatshirt (retail value is $300)

$100 Grab Bag will get you 7 shirts. 2 jackets, 2 sweatshirts (retail value is $496)