Thursday, December 4, 2008


I was raised and cultured during nike's greatest era (to me at least). I learned design and marketing by being affected by their products and marketing. I used to look forward to seeing logos for all the athletes that they signed. This was before EVERYONE got a shoe deal. So here is one of my favorites. Before Cwebb bugged out and jumped the nike ship, he had a cool logo and a good shoe.

Also, while watching the pre-fight hype for Pacquio vs. some dude, I noticed that it was a NIke commercial. Anyways, I kind of like it... Well not 100% sure yet.
I'm glad they didn't make it a boxing glove with a pac man mouth. Wait, that might be funny.
More to come on Filipinos and Pacman. No designing on Saturday. (Yes. I have a theory that Filipinos are the most creative people in our industry... right Ray?)

Also here are some old logos that I did while at AND1, ADI, etc.