Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I was trained in artschool (CCAC in SF) to be a designer. It was a really conceptual school. I learned how to be a designer. Believe it or not just because you have a copy of adobe illustrator or photoshop and a website, doesn't make you a designer. They hand that title out way too much these days. (sorry for the rant, but I'm still paying off school loans)
I really try to look at things through my own lense. Creation is not always based on history, trend or even sales. What I enjoy seeing is when people challenge what is expected and it doesn't end up being an art project for a designers ego. Designers everyday design with what is expected. It makes money but at the end of the day you aren't designing anything you are "curating" or "styling."
When I saw this video I remembered why I got into design. Why do things because of the norm or what has been done for ever. You can look at UNDRCRWN and say that I am a hypocrite because we do the same shit everyone else does but I'd challenge that with the conceptual part of not only the brand but the product as well. UNDRCRWN take what is expected out of the basketball world and makes it ours.