Saturday, March 7, 2009

Shoni Schimmel... You're welcome!

UNDRCRWN's own Bryon Sheng called me last year sometime and told me that he was driving out to the middle of Oregon to an native american reservation in Pendelton (yes hipsters, the Pendelton where they make some amazing wool shirts) to watch a 15 year old girl play basketball. Bryon coaches the Oregon Reign, a perennial girls AAU basketball team in Portland. They're the truth.

So he calls me on the way back and was trying to explain that this girl was throwing balls off girls heads, hitting 35ft. 3 pointers on the fast break, making girls fall down and at the end of the game having some ridiculous stalie like 40 -12-15. Sounded like an exaggeration or some sort of urban legend.

Fast forward a year and she's in the top 5 for all Junior recruits coming out of Highschool. She is filming a documentary on the story and a ton of press.

So I haven't had the proper footage to truly explain that Bryon wasn't exaggerating... until now.
Check the footage. You're welcome!

Player Spotlight: Franklin's Shoni Schimmel