Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Quick note. We had this version of Brooklyn We Go Hard for almost 3 weeks. We slept.

So the story goes like this. Mos Def was spotted multiple times wearing UNDRCRWN product in our first year. Eventually he finds us at the Magic show in Las Vegas in February of 2008. We exchanged props and went our separate ways. A few weeks later he was driving through Philly (home of UNDRCRWN Headquarters). He hit us up. To make a long story short, he and I talked about design and the next thing you know he was in Philly for a week and we had already presented a collection and worked out a deal with adidas for a shoe (The shoe was later cancelled. Not sure why. Mos really wants the shoe to happen as do retailers...We'll see).

Fast forward to August 2009, I had already become Mos Def's official design team. I've created t-shirts, graphics and other materials for his Watermelon Syndicate tour, Rock the Bells and other shows. He always performs with a rug that we created for him as a personal gift.

We debuted the entire collection in Vegas at the August Magic. We had a huge party. Outside of Mistah Fab killing the cipher, the show was a complete success. Click here to see the legendary moment. Asher Roth, Mos Def & Beanie Siegal.

The inspiration behind the line is from the Dead Prez RBG (Revolutionary but Gangsta) Album. Mos drew on napkins and small pieces of paper little symbols that represented his life and who he is. I took those symbols and incorporated them into the Mos Def version of the RBG print.

There will be 2 releases of his product. Tees first and then the Cut & Sew Collection in early April.

Purchase the collection here.

or at karmaloop.com

or undrcrwn.com