Wednesday, March 11, 2009


As a designer you always run up against imitation. Is it the greatest form of flattery?
What is flattery? Props? Adda-boy!'s? Hi5's? Last time I checked, my rent can't be paid with any of those. Although I realize that there is a fine line between originality and plagiarism, but when an idea is not expanded, pushed further or just blatantly ripped off I think that someone should say something.

I do realize that I was inspired by certain things that they may say I ripped off. But in this case the way it was flipped and made into our own creation is undeniable.

I am in no way talking shit but more proposing an offer. These huge companies that have millions of dollars and are trying to "get IT" or "figure IT out" should go to the source. I understand Canal St. but not these big brands. They have too much money and resources. I have a lot of friends that run & design for both sides of the coin. In the big corporate side and the small independent brands. There is too much credibility everywhere to allow these things to happen.

So LRG, Brand Jordan please go to the source. my email address is

Believe me if you think UNDRCRWN is a threat to Jordan Brand or LRG, please... I can only dream. It's not that serious.
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