Sunday, May 24, 2009


My cousin had a dope custom Georgia Bulldogs jacket.I wanted it so bad. So when I went to SF Pier 39 to buy it, I asked for it but the salesman must of thought I said "Georgetown" instead of "Georgia." I liked it so much that I bought it instead of Georgia. After buying it, I figured out what the Hoyas were all about. By then that they just won the national championship and Patrick Ewing was one of the best college players (shout out to Gene Smith/UNDRCRWN sales agency superstar. He was on the championship team) heading into the NBA draft. So since then I supported the Hoyas.
When Allen Iverson got there, I just liked the fact that he was in jail before the season and was an All-American quarterback. Plus his crossover was crazy. Teaming up with one of my favorite/least known players Victor Page they had one of the illest backcourts ever.
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- DOC CIRCA 1988