Sunday, January 20, 2008

Apply Ice every 20minutes

I'm probably not supposed to post this, but since we're already on to the next co-branded project for Fall08, here you go. Only 1000 pairs made. Maybe less. Look out for an exclusive launch in April.

The inspiration was actually from Gilbert's game with a touch of the hood. I wanted the shoe to be able to be worn on your feet or around your neck. Now thanks to Gil's injury, they can be used on your knee as well. Apply ice every 20-minutes.

See for all the other 20 versions.

Since I'm kind of letting the cat out of the bag, there is a hint of what's to come for the UNDRCRWN SPRING 2008 LOOKBOOK.
It's next level. As the brand creator, I'm really exited for the spring line to drop. Holiday was a huge success bringing in the likes of Prince Paul, King Britt, Green Lantern, Rich Medina and UNDRCRWN family member Neil Armstrong. But we brought in the big names for this one.

The inspiration behind spring 08 is:
What if Fab5 went to University of Hawaii instead of Michigan... imagine that.