Wednesday, September 24, 2008


My mother is from Guam... well she was born in Oakland but her Mother was born and raised in Guam. I grew up swapping board shorts and hoop shorts. I thought I was a real islander. That had a lot to do with the ghetto/island inspired collection this past Spring. More of that to come for those who couldn't find it.
So thanks to KICKS/HI, there will be a store in Guam. I've never been there (shame on me) but If I was I'd be at this party.
I'll be reaching out to them to make sure they have some UNDRCRWN product in the store. It's only fitting.

Hawaii’s KICKS/HI is going island hopping!!! The planning and staging took more than a year, but finally KICKS/HI’s Guam flagship is set to open this weekend. Located in the warm, turquoise water of western South Pacific, the island, which is a territory of United States, has been a major get away spot for stressed out Japanese and Australian visitors. Join the festivities this Friday on the white sand beach of Tumon Bay, just a short hop from the Guam International Airport.

Event Date: September 26th