Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Gilberts blog is updated

Image courtesy of gil's blog.
One of my favorite blogs to read (when he actually udpates it). I think Gil does less blogs so he can save up and write a novel when he actually does post something. My comprehension is like that of a 3rd grader, so it takes me 3 days just to read it.
I will see if he can release an audio version for us that don't read.
So grab some popcorn, get a really comfortable seat and enjoy.


This is funny because I was there and saw it all unfold. Imagine a "regular" family Birthday BBQ just put on by a rap video director at an amusement park. The pool was amazing... Like Spiderman. Actually more than spiderman. Fishtanks inside the groto, secret walls that look like part of the rock mountain that housed not only the groto but the waterslide, bar and flat screen tv's. I would live in there if I could.
This was a few weeks ago and was the first day of a funny, but random weekend in DC.
Gil's BBQ followed by Mos Def's Watermelon Syndicate followed by a night out with Dave Chapelle and Mos.
I have some "blair witch" video on this that I will post later of the Undrcrwn crew along with Mos and Dave rolling up to the whitehouse front gates and knocking on the door. I'm sure the government is reading this now.

I don't know how I find time to design anything.