Sunday, July 20, 2008


I thought this was funny. Gil just got back to the states after a couple weeks abroad. He just updated his blog so if you have an hour to read it. LOL. Check it out. He got a chance to hang out with Pacman. I heard he gave gave him an adidas jacket... Pacquiao is a nike guy... Good try Gil.

Here is something from the Filipino yahoo site about Gils visit to Manila.

Here is a quick snipet. To read the rest of the article click here.

"Recent Manila visitor Gilbert Arenas felt right at home during his four-day visit here, not just because he was warmly received by his legion of Filipino fans but because he has strong Filipino connections.

First, the Washington Wizards star guard's personal manager Paisley Benza is a full-blooded Filipina, born and raised in the US. And second, a Filipino designer Dustin Canalin worked closely with Arenas in developing his signature Adidas shoes.

Canalin, by the way, is co-founder and lead designer of the Philadelphia-based fashion house called Undrcrwn. He described Undrcrwn as a lifestyle company using basketball as inspiration. Canalin, 30, is from Alameda, California, and was formerly a shoe designer for And1 and Ecko Unlimited..."