Sunday, December 30, 2007


It's been adidas heritage month for the NBA. Certain teams have been wearing old school uniforms. Until tonight the cuts were the only thing that were modern.

Lakers unveiled the short shorts against the Celtics. I hope they win and superstitiously keep wearing them. Hopefully others do too. Maybe this could be a change in NBA fashion. I see dudes that had 4x tall tees in the closet transition to the extra medium, after 1 Jim Jones video... So who knows?
One thing I do know is... If you see me on the court you will not see my knees.
Thank you FAB 5.

Oh yeah, my only fashion critique is that the jerseys are too big and the biker shorts don't match.

And the best costume goes to.... Trevor Arizza. The knee pads killed it. (picture coming soon)

As I write this the 2nd half begins and the Lakers punked out. They are wearing the long shorts. Too bad. They actually did something hot for once.