Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Check Boundelss.com for an inteview I did to drop our new Holiday product.
Available now! Thanks to Nick and the crew up there at Boundless.


From boundless.com/blog

December 03 2007

Boundless NY just dropped the Holiday Line 07 for Undrcrwn and we had a chance to start off our 5 Questions section with Dustin Canalin the Creative Director for the brand.

1. What’s good with the Knicks?

DC: Let’s not talk about the obvious. Being from the Bay Area and having years of shitty teams, I won’t go there with them. But I will say they do make for good drama on Sportscenter.

2. You make clothing for the people in the stands. Classic pieces for people that come from every walk of life but enjoy watching the game. Where besides basketball is the inspiration for your team coming from?

DC: Inspiration comes from everywhere. The streets, the runways, my history. There is a real functional purpose to everything. I always ask myself what do I need that nobody is making. We’re trying to give people good quality, creative garments to accent different styles. Timeless and classic with a twist. They say they don’t make shit like they used to. We do!

3. The new Freeway or the new Broad Street Bully album?

DC: I plead the fizifth. 1,2,3,4, fif!

4. Everyone knows that sex sells. The people want to know if Undrcrwn were a supermodel, which fine ass lady would the brand be?

DC: COCO. Just because.

5. What one issue do you want to air out? Something on your mind? Give the Boundless readers a piece of your mind.

DC: I would like to send a shout out to all the bootleggers. Santee Alley, Canal st., 28th and Broadway, Fulton Mall, and all the other spots all around the world. The bootleg game is amazing these days. Sometimes quality is better than the originals. It’s truly innovative products. If anyone gets a chance to go to Magic, there is a section there now where all the bootleg spots go. Go to Canal then go to the mall. Same shit. I’m waiting for electronics collabos. Jordan 4 T.V.’s or Louis Vuitton microwaves.

Dustin was recently named one of the Johnny Walker Blue Label 35 UNDER 35 This kid is a hustler and we respect that here at Boundless.

Check out his blog here for the inside info on all the projects he is working on and make sure you check out Undrcrwn’s re-launched website.

Stay Stylin on Santa this holiday with undercrwn and Boundless NY.

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