Sunday, June 14, 2009


PIctures are worth 1000 words...
But how much are words worth? Here are some free ones...

The Roots Picnic was amazing this year. Not 1 million degrees like last year.
The highlights were:
- Santigold brought out Spank Rock on stage (he later shared the do-it-yourself barbeque grill with yours truly).
- Public Enemy x The Roots-Flav without Chuck D and Chuck D with out Flav is like the NBA players without white girls.
- seeing all of Philly back stage.
- trying to figure out how many people actually belonged back stage.
- Asher Roth wearing a Larry Bird Jersey until UNDRCRWN's Pete Small told him that Philly hates the Celtics... Asher eventually taped a piece of paper over the Celtics logo that read "PHILLY" - good move Asher!
- seeing people on drugs getting hauled off on stretchers- it's not woodstock people. Save your drugs for encounters with young Hollywood.
-Flavor Flav had the size label on his jeans still. (yes hipsters it was an accident-please do not try and add this to your scarf and dunks. It is not a trend)
- Everyone that wore the AIR YEEZY's must have spent days picking out the matching outfit with their friends.