Friday, November 14, 2008


With all the hype behind Obama, everyone and there mom has an Obama tee. Even my mom. (mom it's coming I promise!)
So I'd like to start shouting out the bootlegs. We've been bootlegged before and I was hoping to find out how to get some work for these guys.
As you can see our concept was taken a step further with the newspaper concept and the airbrushed illustration. I personally think way more hood friendly and cheaper than our $28 pricetag. This shirt was bought for $10 on 25th and Broadway in NYC.
My only criticism is the tagline at the bottom "OUT WITH THE OLD, IN WITH THE NEW". It would have been a lot stronger if it were George W. Not McCain.
Coming from someone that lived 4 blocks from Canal St. & Broadway in NY, I used to see the hood buy 5xl BAPE hoodies in bulk. It was amazing quality too. Damn near better than the original. The bootleg designs are getting better and the execution is as good as everything on the market. Atleast in streetwear.

So please send photos of all bootlegs to, I will post the best ones. Please list where you found them so we can plug the spot. (no hate here).

So again, if anyone knows who produces these tees and supplies Sante Alley, Canal St. and all of Oakland, let me know. I have some heat for you.

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Nick said...

Yo I was on broadway and saw a bootleg Obama over Mcain I should have taken a pic of it. So funny